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We are Ignation

What is the digital version of your business? Ignation believes in creating unique businesses thru digital innovation. This is what we do, and we do it with fast prototyping using technical accelerators such as virtual reality, internet of things, artificial solutions. We digitalize the surroundings by creating digital innovation.

What we offer.

Do you believe that digital solutions can create more effective businesses, provide a better customer experience with more satisfied clients, make brands stand out on their market, make a brand more attractive as an employer? Do you want to reach out to new clients, find out new ways of doing businesses and find new revenue streams? There are many ways in how Ignation can bring value to your business, and we are eager to help out.

Ready for a workshop?

Are you ready to start your digital journey, or has it already begun but you are ready for an iteration? Let us help you to get started on your digital vision with an Ignation workshop. The workshop is held by our skilled work shop facilitators using the latest innovation methods to come up with a list of ideas ready to be developed.

Ideas to develop?

Do you already have ideas, but don´t know how to get them realised? Thru fast prototyping and a well-defined method we develop, and validate, both prototypes and full solutions. Our skilled resources can create solutions within virtual reality, augmented reality, internet of thing, artificial intelligence and robotics, and cognitive solutions.

Innovative Design

To be able to meet up with your clients or employees expectations, design is crucial. We have the resources, methods and tools to be able to bring to you solutions with user friendly, modern and unique design and always with an innovative touch. Do you have an existing digital solution, that’s needs, a face lift? Let us put it thru our magical Ignation diamond and the output will be solutions with a new and innovative look and feel and of course with really cool and unique features. We know how to ignite.

Digital coaching

In large traditional businesses it is sometimes very hard to get the digital transformation to reach out into every part of the organisation. By adding digital coaching as a complement the existing management you will be able to accelerate the process and also get new perspectives and new ways of working. As always we do things in our own innovative way. We believe in igniting a business with young, hungry, technical experts with a sharp eye in the possibilities of digital solutions, instead of using already shaped management consultants. Curious about this? Contact us to get more info.

Next Gen Security Audits

New digital innovations require new ways of looking at security. We understand the importance of it and this is the reason to why part of our job is to make sure we provide secure prototypes and solutions. On top of this we also provide security audits and penetration tests by our security experts. After finding vulnerabilities in Google, Ebay, Oracle, Microsoft and Hewlett Packard our security experts has been rewarded with Hall of Fames several times. We are ready to make your digital solutions as secure as possible!

One year with Ignation as your external innovation lab

  • Two Ignation workshops
  • Four inspiring market related presentations about the latest digital trends
  • Redesign of an existing website or mobile app
  • 1 digital coach
  • 1 round table evening with 1-3 of our other clients

We are a solid team of people that understand the importance of being curious and able to look at things in new ways. These are the keys to innovation. Our mind is young and innovative and since we love what we work with
we always do it with a playful mind.


Artificial intelligence
by Ignation | Mar 30, 2017

Laziness is the Mother of innovation. We have created our own Voice-Controlled AI Assistant called Sarah. She is very smart and can hold long conversations with a human.


The year of AI
by Ignation | Mar 25, 2017

Some people don’t think 2017 will be the year of AI. We think it is, and for sure it should be! This week we have visited IBM Innovation Center in Montpellier (France) for a deep dive into cognitive innovations.



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