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We are Ignation

The digital innovation universe is intensely chaotic. The exploding number of emerging technologies accelerate the chaos. Ignation embrace the chaos because it feeds reativity and creates opportunities. We capture key ideas and put them to the test.

In our toolbox we have rapid prototyping and a unique set of innovation tests. Our expertise is in emerging technologies such as Internet of Things, sensification, artificial intelligence, robotics, and 3D printing.

Our truly innovative focus also makes a significant difference when we develop mobile apps and web solutions.
Ignation is the base for a group of developers, designers and digital marketers. From our platforms in Amsterdam, Utrecht, Eindhoven and Stockholm we launch our edgy and innovative solutions with our team of intellectual badasses.

Experimentation, collaboration and courage are in our blood. We try, until the success of the solution has been proven. We are Ignation, an organization that represents the unlocking of next level digital innovations.

What we do.


Real innovation is about solving problems, not having ideas. And in the end it is all about improving a business and not innovating or transforming it. Great ideas are always good to have, but they are not really great until they actually solves and existing problem, pinpointing a pain or even better, delivers a solution to a not yet found pain, need or problem. To be able to do this you first have to find that pain, problem or need, we love doing this together with our clients in our workshops.
Let us help you start your digital journey with a workshop lead and guided by us. With our methodology, tools and experience within digital innovation we help your business start the journey, open up the creativity and getting strategy into reality.
With service design as the core in all our work, we find the pains, needs, targets and focus areas together with our clients.

Idea Generation

When the focus area, pain, needs and problems are identified it is time to come up with the brilliant innovative ideas for your business. To find the winning idea you have to WOW your clients and employees, and also evaluate what is the most low hanging fruit for your business. With our deep knowledge on the latest technologies and products on the market, and our creative minds, we know how to WOW your clients and employees and find the unique innovations for your business. We know when, where and how to use virtual reality, artificial intelligence, robotics, augmented reality, sensors and Internet of Things in your business to make it stand out on the market and attract both clients and new recruitments.

Realize Ideas

The moto for Ignation is “screws before glues”, we like prototyping and experimenting but we do it hardcore with technical pros. Our development team are living and breathing technology and coding. Everything we develop, regardless if it is a mobile app, a prototype or a full scale virtual reality solution will always have an innovative touch. We code with focus on quality, performance, long term perspective and maintainability. We develop our prototypes and solutions with the most suitable technologies for each idea. Native, hybrid, cross platform and open source, our team covers it all. When we see synergies in using a partner we develop with any of our existing hand-picked partners.


Artificial intelligence
by Ignation | Mar 30, 2017


Laziness is the Mother of innovation. We have created our own Voice-Controlled AI Assistant called Sarah. She is very smart and can hold long conversations with a human.




The year of AI
by Ignation | Mar 25, 2017

Some people don’t think 2017 will be the year of AI. We think it is, and for sure it should be! This week we have visited IBM Innovation Center in Montpellier (France) for a deep dive into cognitive innovations.



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